Monday, September 21, 2009

Breaking The Silence

a thousand words
a minute
talking non stop
to everyone around me

blabbering some nonsense
humming a song
playing on the radio
i am just a bundle of fun

everything changed
words that flowed
without a hurdle
stuttered, stumbled
and stopped

everything changed
when you came near
when you came near me
the words just disappeared

sound of words that engulfed the place (a minute ago)
is now replaced with a strange silence
a strange silence
befell on me

a thousand words
before you entered
is now replaced by
a thousand questions
that i am asking now
a thousand questions
i am asking now
to break this silence
losing my sanity
when you are around
i am trying hard
to find the answer for this silence
i am trying hard
to find the words
i am trying hard
to breaking the silence forever!


just a hollow feeling

my mask on the seat next to mine

worn out, beaten and battered

it had come to an end;

just as smoothly as it started

the end was a quick one,

no nonsense, no stupid climax

the curtain came down in one swift motion;

standing tall amidst broken lives

no one cares if you stay back

to pick up the pieces

or make a run to the nearest exit;

full of anger and full of fear,

wanting to wreck the peace

my mind is seeking,

i gradually lost it all;

running away from death

and escaping from the mind games,

seeking refuge from the storm

i rushed headlong into life;

searching for a place to hide,

watching people trade money for love,

i began to fill the emptiness that surrounds me

with the pieces of my broken heart;

Me,Myself and I

coming out of the shadows
of the past and reaching
to the light that is now
shining in its glory
i realized i am standing all alone,
with the whole world at my disposal;

i searched, i needed somebody
to continue the exploration,
or so i thought; how
naive and so dumb one can become;

wasting precious time
doing nothing other
than wandering through life
i became more confused than before;

unable to run anymore,
i sat down to take stock
and i realized i got
me, myself and i;

learned a lot along the way,
and now my very own best friend
exploring uncharted territories
me myself and i
that’s all i got in the end
that’s what i found out
me, myself and i;


draped across my body
the coldness singed my breath
the country smelled of confusion
and my clothes were soaked with flesh
i escaped into the maze
with screams beneath my track
their tongues were growing fiercer
and death was upon my back
it poisoned my tortured spirit
and coursed throughout my veins
the glories of being slaughtered
only the lunatic remained


no one understand me
everything i say or do is twisted and confused
everything is pointless
my life is a ruin
my life is a prison
my life is full of disappointment
no one likes me
they all pretend
they all are fakes
my life is a ruin
my life is a prison
my life is an endless pit of disappointment
i am sick
of this whole world
of the constant struggle to please others
my life is a ruin
my life is a prison
my life is overflowing with disappointment
i can't wait
to finally be free
to finally be alive
my life is a ruin
my life is a prison
my life is over

My New Best Friend

today i met a great new friend

who knew me right away

it was funny how she understood

i hard to say

she listened to my problems

she listened to my dreams

we talked above love and life

she'd been there,too,it seems

it ever once felt judge by her

she knew just how i felt

she seemed to just accept me

and all the problem i'd been dealt

she didn't interrupt me

or need to have her say

she just listened very patiently

and didn't go away

i wanted to her understand

how much this meant to her

but as i went to hug her

something starlet me

i put my arms in front of me

and went to pull her nearer

and realized that my best friend

was nothing but just a mirror

Friday, September 4, 2009

You & Me

who am i?

and who are you?

am i me?

or am i you?

are you me?

or are you?you?

i guess,i am me

and you are you

you are not me

and i am not you

you can never be me

and i can never be you

because i am me

and you are you

so that you won't be me

and i won't be you

just let me be me

and you be you

so that i always me

and no one would say you are me

or i am you

how you could be me

and i be you

after all,you don't know me

and i don,t know you

because you and me

can never be me and you


costs nothing

but gives much. It

enriches those who receive,

without making poorer those who

give. It takes but a moment but the memory

of it sometimes lasts forever. None is so rich or

mighty that he can get along without it, and none is so

poor but that he can not be made rich by it. A smile creates

happiness in the home, fosters good will in business, and is the

countersign of friendship. It brings rest to the weary, cheer to the dis-

couraged, sunshine to the sad, and it is nature's antidote for trouble. Yet

it cannot be bought, begged, borrowed, or stolen. For it is something that is of

no value to anyone untilit is given away ~ Somepeople are too tired to

give you a smile. Give

them one of yours, as

no one needs a smile so

much as he who has no

more to give.


on 310809,it was the last day before muslim poeple started to mom bought 2 packs of then we thought we should make strawberry chocolate...i was so excited...the pic up there are the prove that me & my mom did it....i think thats all,i don't know what to say here is some infomation bout chocolate and strawberry that i think you should know :)

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A new study from researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies has found that an antioxidant nutrient in strawberries may help improve memory and protect the brain from the onset of Alzheimer's disease.