Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New College,New Life

-breathe out- wow its been a while since i updated my blog..there's not much to say actually,im not really good at telling story and writing,but whatever,so i am out of UNIKOP and now studying in KPMIM...the place,the people,the environment are all different,but im not really complaining even though we students are having problems with monkeys,its all good here,the course,new friends,its all good :) owh forgot,im taking Computer Networking,i know nothing about computer but thats why im here,to learn..even though im older (one year) then my classmates and other student who is in the same batch as me..its not really awkward once you didnt really think about im trying to enjoy and study the best i can to get the pointer i've been aiming :D..thats all for now