Thursday, October 6, 2011


well looks like im updating this blog,after several months...just wanted to share that,i dont like my college but i like my new friends there,there's a lot of type of people there,some are good,some are bad,some can make friends at first but in the end they turn out to be your worst enemy..good thing im moving to another room,cause i cant stand my room mate H****a,she's a _______ (fill in the blank),but no worries,cause i got great friends,a friend that i knew will last forever,im easy with her,she makes me laugh almost 24/7 and we always had great times together....yay new room mate..hehe

Sunday, May 15, 2011


okay i dont know why i make this blogger account cause i barely updated this thing,and i dont write much....well duhh i got nothing to say and my life is pretty much boring... -kept quiet- ...anywho,the reason im writing this after for so long is just to share that i will enroll on the 24/5/2011 in UNIKOP College in Kuala Lumpur taking Management & Office Technology course... -breath out- ...this is my first time being away from my family and im kinda scared,but its okay i go there to study and thats what im gonna do,so im just gonna put aside all those negative feelings like i cant do this i cant do that and just focussed on my study...well thats it :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

owh Tokio Hotel

OMG!!!! im getting crazier and crazier about Tokio Hotel,they're just so adorable..i wish i could meet them in person....