Monday, September 21, 2009

Breaking The Silence

a thousand words
a minute
talking non stop
to everyone around me

blabbering some nonsense
humming a song
playing on the radio
i am just a bundle of fun

everything changed
words that flowed
without a hurdle
stuttered, stumbled
and stopped

everything changed
when you came near
when you came near me
the words just disappeared

sound of words that engulfed the place (a minute ago)
is now replaced with a strange silence
a strange silence
befell on me

a thousand words
before you entered
is now replaced by
a thousand questions
that i am asking now
a thousand questions
i am asking now
to break this silence
losing my sanity
when you are around
i am trying hard
to find the answer for this silence
i am trying hard
to find the words
i am trying hard
to breaking the silence forever!