Saturday, December 12, 2009

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

it’s weird
how life repeats itself
waking up in a sweat again
another day has been laid to waste;

stuck in my head
thoughts of you swirling round
and round, like a paper plane caught in a tornado,
i can feel you pulling me down;

my muscles strain,
my arms ache,
as my foot slowly slips
i scramble to catch hold of my life;
(before it is too late)

tearing down the unfinished castle
the memories and dreams of (you and me) yesterday
are just an illusion built
on the mirages of brighter tomorrows;

by the time tomorrow becomes today,
i am just a child standing in the darkness,
with tear stained cheeks,
trying to forgive and forget,
the ones who left him there with no answer;