Saturday, December 12, 2009

Vintage Dreams

waking up
kicking and screaming
thinking i am drowning
and swallowed by the sea;

sunlight, opened up my eyes
assuring me, the nightmare
is over atleast for the time being,
and a beautiful day awaits my presence;

as the tears stream down my face,
i sat there holding a cup of coffee,
reconstructing the nightmare
that seems to plague me every night;

armed with a new resolve
to chase away this nightmare, i
settled down among the feathery grass
and inbetween the beautiful yellow flowers;

as thoughts of wondorous moments,
sneaked into my daydreams,
basking in the rays of sunshine,
i hoped that life and time would stand still;

from in a dream she calls to me,
whispering my name
asking me to trust in her,
and promising no games;

as the sounds of thunder shook the sky
I sit here watching the clouds roll by
reminding myself yet again,
there is no time for lies;

wandering across the universe,
living through past mistakes
as the winds of change blow hard
everything fades away for good;

as i quietly slip my hand into yours
and we watch the night drape over us
i am in heaven with you
in this nostalgic rose-tinted dream;