Saturday, December 12, 2009

Stranger Within

I reached out to touch your hand
but i was so far away,
the farther i reach
the farther you pull away
like the tide in the sea;

The minutes pass like years
i feel your thoughts running through my mind
i make a wish on a shooting star
and I pray that you return to me;

the rain falls down
all I can think of is you
each splash on my face
a gentle kiss;

as we stand in the same road
staring up above into the night sky
our hearts both aching, yearning
for something better in this world;

we are what we have always been
dreamers searching for answers
in the night sky we look for light
in a world blinded by materialism and hedonism;

as i take the pieces of the dreams
still left (within me)
and spread them out,
to rearrange them one by one
i move one step closer;

standing on borrowed time,
and running out of options
i move one step closer
(determined) to find the stranger within;